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Angry Heroes

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About Angry Heroes

Angry Heroes is a 2D Action-arcade game. The goal is to defeat the evil empire and its main agent, the dragon that controls all of This amazing game...

Angry Heroes is a 2D Action-arcade game. The goal is to defeat the evil empire and its main agent.

This amazing game is an amazing action game. It’s a 2D Action arcade game with great graphics and various enemies that you will face in this game. In this game, you will definitely experience the real battle feeling. As the name says, This game means that it is a series of games containing Angry characters. The first one was released on December 25, 2017, and there are more to come! The game is divided into levels, each level has a different theme and different environment. You need to be very fast in this game because the enemies are fast as well so you need to think fast if you want to save all the eggs you have collected from enemies. You have a limited amount of lives with which you can complete every level in this game but as long as you keep trying new things every day then don’t worry about that restriction! Whenever an angry character appears on your screen then tap on them in order for them to start attacking those enemies around them faster than they attack you. Whenever an enemy attacks then shoot it back at them by tapping anywhere on your screen and they will die instantly. If one of your characters dies then restart from the bottom of the level because if not, then again continue playing after any death at the bottom level until you pass that level without dying again!  hero

This amazing game is a 2D action beat 'em up video game, which combines arcade gameplay with strategy elements. The player controls one of the anti-heroes in the world of Angry Heroes, who are also known as Happy Heroes. To get out of prison and save the world from the evil Mr. Evil, you must defeat all of his henchmen and minions throughout the game. You can select any one of the 17 heroes available in this game to fight against Mr. Evil’s henchmen and minions in single-player mode or challenge your friends in two-player mode by controlling both heroes simultaneously on different devices at the same time. This game also supports Google Play Achievements, Google Play Trading Cards, In-App Billing, Cloud Save, Leaderboards, and more digital features.

This one is a fighting game, where you will get to experience some of the most intense and exciting fights ever. Fight as one of the most popular characters from movies, games, anime or cartoons and prove that you are the best of them all! You can choose from various different heroes and play against various different opponents. Fight together with your friends and see who can be the best. Experience a thrilling fight with your friends and family. 

Short Description: This game is an action game. It’s a simple one-button game. Tap to control the hero and swipe left or right to avoid obstacles. The more you play, the easier it gets! It’s an excellent way to pass time and keep your mind sharp! A challenging new genre of games is here to take over the world!

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