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Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby: Apocalypse

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About Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby: Apocalypse

Pibby Apocalypse is a Friday Night Funkin mod where the Pibby virus had invaded the Amazing World of Gumball and started to corrupted all the characters...

FNF: Pibby Apocalypse is a work-in-progress mod for Friday Night Funkin' that sets a new standard for future Pibby mods. In a set of ten perfect songs, immerse yourself in a twisted version of the Cartoon Network universe and compete against your favorite CN characters, including Gumball and Finn.

Requiem Zero and Baudas70 created Pibby: Apocalypse. The mod revolves around the game Learning With Pibby: Apocalypse. The mod has also confirmed that he will be working with The Grieving Day in Funkin and Helluva Boss Funkin on their own weeks.

Corruption has struck again in the mod FNF Pibby: Apocalypse, and in a way never seen before! Boyfriend is immersed once more in the world of Come and Learn with Pibby, and if he wants to save the famous cartoon network characters, he will have to face intense musical challenges. Prepare to sing ten different songs, complete with high-quality sprites, unique game mechanics, and even cutscenes. FNF Pibby: Apocalypse is a demo version, but Boyfriend will already meet new adversaries and song partners like Gumball, Finn & Jake, Darwin, and Pibby. The oppressive atmosphere created by corruption, as well as the rhythmic music and high-quality animations, will immerse you in an exceptional and one-of-a-kind adventure rarely seen in a Pibby Corrupted mod. Are you prepared to learn with Pibby? It's up to you to keep the rhythm going!


How to play Friday Night Funkin’ Pibby: Apocalypse

Using Mouse

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