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Aquaparkio players have to take care of the water park by hiring different employees and building attractions. These attractions will attract more customers...

Aquaparkio players have to take care of the water park by hiring different employees and building attractions. These attractions will attract more customers and make the profits grow. There are 7 different workers you can hire: The Jetski Mechanic, The Game Designer, The Clown, The Lifeguard, The Locker Room Steward, The General Manager, and the Guide. And each one will have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, a Game Designer can design your own games while a Locker Room Steward will give discounts on lockers if you upgrade them but he also might steal from visitors if you don’t keep an eye on him. To balance things up each worker has specific abilities that can help you with some areas of the park. 

This one is a casual game, which you will like once you play it. There are many levels and in each level, there is a beautiful boss to defeat. The game plays well with both touch screen and mouse controls. It has one drawback that forces you to use the same device for playing this game repeatedly. The graphics are great and there are enough obstacles to keep you interested. You get some nice bonuses as well, from extra lives to power-ups that make things easier. If you like casual games they will keep on coming because they are not difficult to make. This amazing game HTML5 game is a good choice when time is short or when you want to test your skills before playing something.

This amazing game is a 3D action & io game for PC, Mobiles, and tablets. In Aquaparkio players explore underwater caves, forests, and jungles in search of precious gems. The player has to help the aquatic creatures survive predators by collecting gems that can be found in different forms of water. The player will have to move between different levels using different types of transportation such as submarines, boats, submarines etc. This game has amazing graphics which makes it look more realistic. The player will have fun playing this game for hours together with friends and family.

Aquapark is an action game io where you have to guide a ball through all the obstacles in order to get back to the start. The game uses HTML5 so it will work on any device. The goal is simple: guide your ball through all the levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting stars along the way. You can earn an extra life by collecting all the gold stars, but be careful because they’re hidden in some tricky objects.

Relaxing aquatic park for you? Then This amazing game is just what you need! This game will challenge every second of your attention and coordination. Control the ball with your finger and reach the goal in as few shots as possible. Try to land the ball as close to the target as possible, so it will be easier to shoot again. Good luck!

How to play

Instruction Controls: arrow keys/A-D or mouse while pressing the left button.Be the first to reach the end of the water slide. Avoid obstacles. Push other players off the edge.Reduce the distance by jumping off the slide.Have fun!

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