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One Escape

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About One Escape

Have you ever imagined what your life would be if you had the chance to go back and change something? Would you take that opportunity? Well, this is exactly...

Have you ever imagined what your life would be if you had the chance to go back and change something? Would you take that opportunity? Well, this is exactly what a prisoner did in Sweden. In 1952, a prisoner named Martin Ericson escaped from his prison cell using rope he had hidden in his clothing. He crawled through the ventilation system with the help of other prisoners who were in on the plan. After he successfully made it out, he went to the home of his wife and told her everything. From then on, they planned their escape together. To avoid any suspicion from being raised, they dyed Martin's hair blonde and changed his name to Mia as well. With their plan set and execution scheduled for 3pm on June 23rd, 1952 at their childhood home, they managed to escape undetected until it was too late. The door was locked from the inside so all they could do was hunker down and wait for rescue which thankfully came not long after They spent 19 days hiding in their old home until local police found them. Instead of ending up in prison for life like he originally thought he would, Martin received an unconditional pardon

What if you were locked up in a cell? What if you had no any idea about the outside world? What if you are trapped with some strange animals and one of them is an escape artist? Sounds scary, right? Well, this is exactly what happens to two OVO detectives in this pixel perfect prison escape game. This will be their first day as prisoners and it doesn’t look good at all. Private investigators, OVO detectives John Burkes and Abby Newman have been taken captive by a gang of masked thugs in their new prison cell. The convicts appear to have managed to subdue the guards and keep them locked inside the building. But not for long! The two rookie police officers have just enough time to figure out a way to escape. Use your logic, observation skills, and problem-solving abilities to get out of this prison cell before time runs out. Try different strategies until you find the one that works best for you. Practice makes perfect…or does it? Are you ready for this first day as a prisoner? Good luck

If you have played the previous Pixel Escape games you will fully understand what it means to be a prisoner on an island. You have been locked up somewhere and you have to find a way to escape. Let’s see how it works in this game – if you are a smart player, of course! Pixel Escape Island is another point and click escape game from this game,you came to know that there is a prison on an isolated island which is surrounded by blue waters. The prison has many rooms and its security system is very strong There is no chance of anyone escaping from the prison unless help comes from outside as well as inside. So,do you want to try it? Good

This game is about a convict who tries to break out of jail by finding clues and solving puzzles. Solving puzzles will open locked doors, finding clues will lead you to new areas, and unlocking cell phones will give you important information that can help you escape prison. The only problem is that the prison is filled with traps and guard dogs. You’ll have to use your wits to solve these puzzles, find the clues that lead to new areas, unlock cell phones inside the prison, disarm all the traps and finally escape from prison! Good

If you've played games like Escape from Monkey Island, or Loom than you definitely know about the importance of the items you find and use in those games. Well, we've brought that same mechanic into one of our latest games called Prison Escape Game. You'll need to find useful items in order to unlock new prisons, solve puzzles and make it through each level. The goal is to escape from the prison within 60 minutes by finding hidden clues and solving puzzles. Good

How to play One Escape

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