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Friday Night Funki Big Brother

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About Friday Night Funki Big Brother

Join the first ever Friday Night Funki Big Brother, with a variety of mini games and challenges. Every Friday night at 11:59 PM, Funki Time starts. It’s...

Join the first ever Friday Night Funki Big Brother, with a variety of mini-games and challenges. Every Friday night at 11:59 PM, Funki Time starts. It’s currently Saturday morning, but that still means Funkees will be growing and changing all day. The Houseguests are getting ready for their final exams before the summer break. A few are tired of studying, so they’re kicking back and relaxing as much as possible before exams resume on Monday night immediately following the next test session. We hope you had fun studying! Now it's time to get down to business again with another week of fun in the Big Brother house! In addition to all the regular activities you expect from a normal week inside a Big Brother house such as Hangout Sessions, nomination ceremonies, HOH competitions and more… each Friday night is also an exciting new mini-game experience for everyone to try their hand at! Each week we'll post clues leading up to one particular mini-game challenge within the Funki Big Brother Game on Fridays. 

Welcome to the first Friday night edition of Funki Big Brother! This is our first competition and we are excited to introduce you to it. We have a lot planned for this edition and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. In case you are new here, welcome! Funki Big Brother is a weekly casual game. It is an adventure game with different mini-games every week where players compete against each other. You can play from your phone, PC, or console and we will have multiple versions of the game so that everyone can enjoy it no matter what device they use. The first edition of Funk Everyone’s favorite funk artist has released his newest single named Everybody’s Favorite Funki Buddy. The new song is available on all streaming services, such as Spotify and iTunes, but the music video only shows in specific countries. As soon as someone hears about it and knows about the location of the country in which the song is not available, they are wanting to get their hands on some copies at any cost.

Welcome to the first Friday night edition of Funki Big Brother. This is a casual, adventure game where you try to outwit your opponents before they outwit you. The rules are super simple, just like other casual games: You must match as many cards as possible in 3 minutes or less! What’s the point? Well, there are tons of them! For example, this is one that we’re sure will keep you coming back for more – a new card is released every Friday night and it’s likely that some of your friends might play as well. The game is set over 6 rounds; each round has its own theme with specific cards that must be matched in order to win. It really depends on who you play against but generally speaking, it’s advised to try and match as many cards from at least 2 different types if possible. Each round lasts exactly 60 seconds so make sure you time yourself properly. Make a mistake and you could end up in last place which means an automatic loss for your team. 

What if you could live your life through a video game? And not just any video game, but the best video game ever created? Welcome to Friday Night Funki Big Brother. The rules are simple. Each week one member of the family is voted into the game and transformed into a virtual avatar. They must perform challenges that test their wit, stamina, and morals. If they fail or get voted out on Friday night, then that Funki gets humiliated for the other members of their family to see. But what happens when you're in the game and no one's watching?


How to play Friday Night Funki Big Brother

Instruction PC controls: Use the corresponding keyboard arrows Mobile and Tablet controls: Touch the screen in the area corresponding to the colors and arrows.

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