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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Niervin

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About Friday Night Funkin’ VS Niervin

A Friday Night Funkin mod where Boyfriend met Niervin with Niervin total of 3 weeks and 7 songs, including a BONUS week! Start playing online! No Download....

Friday Night Funkin' VS Niervin is a thrilling and whimsical mod that takes players on a musical adventure unlike any other. As Boyfriend, the protagonist of the game, you stumble upon a mysterious and enchanting pink palace, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The palace exudes an aura of history and elegance, inviting you to explore its charming and bright interior. The captivating visuals set the stage for an unforgettable encounter with a character known as Niervin, who will challenge you to a series of epic rap battles.

Niervin, the enigmatic figure you encounter within the palace, is shrouded in mystery. Players are left wondering whether Niervin is a friend or a foe, adding an element of suspense to the gameplay. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Niervin possesses formidable rap skills and isn't afraid to put them to the test. This unique character introduces a fresh dynamic to the Friday Night Funkin' experience, making it a must-play for fans of the game.

The mod features a total of three weeks of gameplay, with seven fantastic songs to conquer. Each week presents a new set of challenges and themes, keeping players engaged and eager to progress through the story. The colorful and imaginative visuals, along with the catchy tunes and cleverly designed levels, make Friday Night Funkin' VS Niervin an immersive and enjoyable mod for both newcomers and seasoned players.

One of the standout features of this mod is the inclusion of a BONUS week, offering an extra layer of content and excitement for players to dive into. With its intriguing storyline, unique character, and memorable musical battles, Friday Night Funkin' VS Niervin is a delightful addition to the ever-expanding world of Friday Night Funkin' mods, promising hours of fun and entertainment for fans of the rhythm game genre.

How to play Friday Night Funkin’ VS Niervin

Using Mouse

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