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Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)

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About Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)

Funk's Justice Vs. Deku is an FNF mod that will immerse you for a song in the universe of My Hero Academia. Indeed Izuku Midoriya (alias Deku), the main...

What is Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)

An FNF mod called Funk's Justice Vs. Deku will transport you for a short while to the My Hero Academia setting. In fact, Boyfriend was challenged by Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku), the manga's protagonist, by asking him to take part in a rap war on the song Full Cowl. In the middle of an arena filled with onlookers, face Deku to the music, and defeat your foe by thwarting their strength and rhythm. Take note that the two main characters are dressed in UA High School athletic attire! Did Boyfriend enroll in this renowned superhero academy, and does he possess a secret talent that enables him to be the best vocalist in the world? 

Game play

To win, press the matching arrow keys to strike your notes when you see matching floating arrow symbols on the top right corner of the screen. However, be careful not to repeatedly miss your notes as this will result in loss if your health bar runs out.

As always, we wish you the best and hope you'll check out more of these mods after finishing this one!

You can play the game by using the keyboard shortcuts listed below:

  • A game called Friday Night Funkin is played with the [Arrow] keys.
  • The [Enter] key is used to navigate the menu, and the [Space] key is used to pause the game and watch the previous episode.

How to play Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)

Using Mouse

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