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Pop is a game jam platformer that combines art, music, design and gaming to create something beautiful. In a world ruled by sentient machines. Humans have... is a game jam platformer that combines art, music, design, and gaming to create something beautiful. In a world ruled by sentient machines. Humans have fallen into obscurity. You play as the last of your kind, The Last Human. The Last Human has awoken from a long sleep to face challenges and dangers that he alone cannot overcome. Explore a vast world filled with ancient ruins and hidden secrets in an attempt to find allies that can help you defeat the evil forces at work. - Art: Pop is created using HTML5 and CSS3 code enabling us to create beautiful graphics for our players as well as developers who wish to make their own games using HTML5 tools such as Construct 2 or Unity. Each level has been specifically designed so that it is aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing whilst also being challenging enough for seasoned gamers but not too difficult that players give up before they even begin. 

Gpopio is a HTML5 game development library written in Swift 3. It helps you build your games in a very easy way. You can integrate it with Apple’s SpriteKit, or also with other frameworks such as Cocos2D-x and others. Another great thing about this toolkit is that it makes it very simple for you to create and manage multiple levels inside your game. With Tetris and its clones, you can design your own version of the classic video game! The idea is quite simple: on each level, there are some platforms arranged in a square grid. Each player takes turns to place their colored blocks on the platforms so they can align them vertically or horizontally (or diagonally). 

Pop is a fast-paced, action game with lots of fun! In Pop, you are an amateur pop star trying to get your song on national TV before your rival. Remix various electronic sounds to create catchy melodies and then record a video performance to try and beat the other player's song rating. The faster you react and the more cleverly you use different sounds, the higher your score will be. You can choose from four different genres of music in each level -- dance, rock, rap or classical. There are also three difficulty levels so that no one gets frustrated.

It is a multiplayer game where players have to build habitats for their pets. These pets are called Pop and have different appearances, traits, and abilities that should be taken into consideration when building the habitat. The goal of the game is to collect coins that can be collected by getting points. You score points for having more than one pet in your habitat at the same time, scoring points from other players, or collecting coins. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic P op game and design its user interface using HTML5 features such as art, video, and audio. 

Game POP is an HTML5 game made with the GAMEPOINT tool. In this game you can discover the various senses of your players and let them interact with each other. This game has been developed for teachers to demonstrate how to use games in their classes or how to introduce a new topic in an interesting way. The application also comes as a great tool for therapists, psychologists or any kind of specialist that wants to focus on particular senses, or emotions.

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ControlsPress ASDF to hit the notes.

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FNF : Squid Game DEMO
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