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Super Spy Agent 46

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About Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46 is a fast-paced spy thriller game with crazy action, unexpected plot twists, and loads of humor. You'll take on the role of an agent...

Super Spy Agent 46 is a fast-paced spy thriller game with crazy action, unexpected plot twists, and loads of humor. You'll take on the role of an agent working for Spy Agency 2021. Your objective is simple: Get in, get the goods, and get out without being detected by the enemy – all while keeping your identity hidden! But that’s easier said than You’ll need to use your cunning and stealth to avoid detection as you explore a variety of locations such as nightclubs, restaurants, offices, prisons, and more. There are many possible endings to this game – can you find them all? Exploring locations will require you to complete challenges in order to proceed further into the level. Challenges might involve solving puzzles or finding hidden items. 

This one is an upcoming spy-themed virtual reality game. Its plot is about the year 2021, the world is on the brink of chaos and the human race has been forced to live in underground shelters known as pods to safeguard themselves from an unpredictable outside world. This game is a VR game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other VR devices with motion controllers. Players will be playing as Agent 46, who works for a secret agency and has been sent to investigate some suspicious activity at an old research facility… 

This game is an escape game in which you have been locked inside your office. You need to find the hidden clues and codes to unlock the exit door and escape from this place as soon as possible. This game is a continuation of Super Spy Agent 41 and 42. In this new version, you will be sent on a secret mission in 2021 where artificial intelligence has become more advanced with self-aware robots being able to choose their own fate between good and evil. Luckily, you are equipped with all sorts of spy gadgets. As always, good luck and let’s get started!

Super Spy Agent 46 is a fast-paced stealth action game. It’s set in 2021 when the world has been split into two due to resource scarcity and resulting tensions. You take on the role of Agent 46, an elite spy who is sent to infiltrate and destroy a suspected spy organization called The Syndicate.

This amazing game is a new action-packed spy game with lots of stealth, puzzles, and double agents. You are agent 46 and you work for Spy Agency. One day the agency has been attacked by an unknown hacker and all agents have been locked down in different virtual domains. Your job is to find out who the hacker is and what their agenda is. Good luck!

How to play Super Spy Agent 46

Key Features Touch controls for mobile. Drag left stick Move Drag right stick Aim

  • Tap up the button Jump
  • Tap the blue button Fire Shift/C Activate Slo-Mo Time
  • Enter/E Enter or exit vehicle Esc/P Pause
  • M Mute audio toggle

Instruction Keyboard Control:

Action: WASD/Arrows Move

  • Mouse Aim Space/J Jump or ascend or drift LMB/Z Fire RMB/X Grenade or descend MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapon A Jump / ascend/drift Right Trigger/Shoulder/X Fire Left Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descend Left/Right
  • Change weapon Left Shift Button Activate Slo-Mo Time Y Enter/Exit

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